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so much fun today. didnt know working in the kitchen would be twice as much fun as i thought. never thought that working in the kitchen would be this fun. thanks to my new colleague, Miranda. a girl from china. hahas. though i was acquainted by manager, misty. it was great than i thought. even though her english wasnt good, and plus i couldn't understand her english accent that much, i appreciate your effort! =D \\// thanks fr teaching me how to make different kinds of pastas.

first day, i learnt howta make like 4-5 kinds of pastas. out of all that i've learnt, i could only rmbr 2 or 3 of them. hehe. was surprising. that doing it on & on, it became fun & fun. extra food, privilege to consume them. wooo! hahaha. getta know new ppl there. and i came to workplace together with zen. he got th thinking of sending me. but since he was there, the manager request him to report together with me. hahaha. and he got the front position. i got the back. kitchen! =D after being thought by miranda and hairul, felt like it was an opportunity fr me to learn cooking. yeh, idk howta cook. hmms, kinda sad to know that miranda gonna be leaving us in june. its like, omg, felt like tearing up. shes th one who thought me this and so on. and in june, she'll be leaving. th one who thought me when i was dumb in th first place and clumsy. well, hope by june i can master my speed like her. hehe.

work ended at 1030. got free pizzas yo! and i getta make my own pizzas. i did one fr zen too. tasha was there also since 630. and we went home together after work. fr zen, you like always, no matter how th situation is, you always nver fails sending me home safely. thanks!

guess i shall end here. i thought of just updating abt today tmrw. but think back, th more i kept delaying, sooner, i'll frgt. and since today is my first day, then i shall blog about it. woo~ finally. and i simply love working there. smiles~ \\//

pictures down below was taken at the end of work.. when they all started to clear things up..

miranda was shy to look at the camera..

tasha. tasha. tasha.

the frying station.

my fav <3 station, th place where i make pastas!

making pizza station.. and i have yet to learn frm hairul. haha

random. tasha ; zen & me.

this is me \\//


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