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Happy 19th Birthday my dear Devil! =D \\//
wish ya all th best in everything you do. good luck ahead.
and meet you soon yeah! hehe.

well, its been a week since i didnt update. th last time i update was bfore th valentine. as yall can even see, my background also has changed. reason, i first made a skin and it seems like th skin i made was sux i guess. i felt it was plain. and i prefer my current skin rather than my new one. so i just went to change th background. was saying abt after valentine. yeah, after that day, i got very hectic week. until i have no time to update blog. been busy with school work, proj. yeap. sorry fr not updating my blog. what i can afford to update was just, my plurk. even now, my plurk karma has gone down. *sob-sob* alright, i will just update whateva i can rmbr ok. and to passerby, i may not know who you are, but thanks fr reading my blog. ;D

hmm, lets start on th 14th. 14th is a valentine day right? i didnt go out. was tired. i celebrated my valentine in advanced on th day bfore. cnt rmbr where i've been. haha. its like kinda week ago. cant recall. but what i know, we celebrated valentine in advanced =D

on monday, i cant rmbr what really happen. gosh, wtfreak. all cannot rmbr. this is what happen. once i didnt update my blog, i'll have th habit to just neglect th updates on & on. and end up, i'll be forgetting what had happened on tht particular week/day. fr th picture down below, was taken on th 16th, Tues. maybe i'll just go on in sequence. since i always upload th pictures in order..

on this day, school ends at 1. so went to get myself changed and off to meet zen. had lunch with him at KFC hougang point. by coincidence, his classmate texted him asking him to tag along going towning with them. they was about to have lunch with us. but since we had ours, we met them at later time. and its like 5 or 4, i cant rmbr. then we took bus to met them at arcade suntec. took us like 15mins? i guess. just to find th arcade. haha. and thanks fr th cute minnie plush! hehe.

after arcade, we went to buy smtg at 7 11 and went to th water fountain. woooh, nice one. took many pictures and all. when its around 9, made my way home.




blue. its hard to capture th picture bcos th colour kept changing quite fast.

th next day, on th 17th. this one i can rmbr. haha. its th same thing, school end at 1pm. went home changed and meet zen. was slacking at his crib until 3. and then, lunch at KFC again. ahhaha. fever KFC. had no where to go. so just randomly thought of going ecp. how funny it turns out. we took bus to upper east coast int. which i just knew tht east coast has int. bcos th bus happens to end there. next, we randomly just boarded the bus. thought that th bus passby marine parade. but not. th moment i realised it stops at tanah merah, we both dropped. hahaha. funny. and from there, we walked up all th way to ecp. and ends up to reach at th other end of th ecp. haha. walked up slowly, thinking of walking until th area d or c. cant rmbr. half way, we stopped at just bought drinks to chill awhile. by th time, its already evening, going 7. hahaha. funny. and not giving up. until we saw this underpass, we just went. and it leads us to another side. which we haveta walk up dunno how far. gosh. passby many condos. and no way out. funny isnt it? imagine walk so far but no way out. no choice we had to find th bus stop. lucky. we took bus and off home.

this was otw walking and saw this. hahaha. i was talking to zen, omg, myra so rich! didnt even have her share with us. ahha.

thursday, i have phase test. starts at 8. but i came at 830 i guess. haha. th test was until 11am. sigh~ html-html.

after test, next class was at 2pm. imagine what your gonna do from 12-2. 2hrs. after lunch, thought of going to sim lim to check out th servicing there fr my lappy. since my lappy now like dunno what happen. auto shut every 10mins. tagged ezum, but she didnt want to go. nvermind. rizal agreed but since ezum didnt want to go, drop it. slacked at th red table until 2pm+. i could still rmbr, th weather was omg so hot. and don dropped by to meet ezum awhile.

class oh class, at 2pm until 5pm. had my presentation done. and had already presented it. fuuh~ next, after presentation, tcher told us that friday lesson was shifted to 8am. that part i went like "huh? wtfreak. 8am-11am" i looked at rizal he looked at me. hahaha. asked him if he come and he said he will. in my head, "im not coming, lazy. haha".

class ended at 5pm. right after class, went off to meet zen at his school. woah. at this one point, i was about to go th washroom. lazy to go his school, so instead, went to go expo's washroom. on my way back, zen saw this baby. dunno what kinda baby. it looks like chicken baby. but i told zen, should be chicken. and he said, which th hell chicken would wanna give birth here. hahha. he thought it could be bird. i went like, issit? cnt be. looks like chicken. hesitate, so i went to take picture. yall can decide whether its chicken baby or bird. haha.

that phase test =___=

this one. chicken baby or bird?

on th same day, zen had his haircut. hot hot sizzling i loooike! haha. didnt have much to share whats happening. just haveta share that i like his new haircut. =D

friday, we went ecp again. walked all th way to th end. sadly, didnt take any pictures. was too tired. walked from th starting of ecp then all th way right to th end. end of ecp, th view was nice and all. walked back. and went out by th katong underpass. by th time we went out of ecp, its already going 8. and we slacked awhile at katong park. we had no idea where we are. but then, when we're about to go off, saw th bus. board th bus and realised, we walked almost up till th kallang. hahaha. omg. marine parade - kallang. amazing. was tired though. right after that, dropped at bedok, had dinner together and went off home.

ok, yesterday was saturday. went towning with him. what about today, i didnt go anywhere. tired. its like everyday im going out. and soon, i gotta get my lifeskill project done. cya tmrw ezum! we'll discuss more about th proj. and zen will be helping us. since its just both of us in th proj. hmm, other than that, i've nothing much to update.. plurk karma went down. _|_ shucks. again. it happened twice already.

and i feel like sharing smtg today. i had laksa!! haha. my fav yo <3.
alrighto, im done. and thanks fr reading this long post.
takecare yall! have a nice day. smiles~
=D \\//


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