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its been so long since i last update my blog. been busy with many stuffs and having hectic week. well, blog seems like kinda dead. yeah.

im not gonna write-up a long post. bcos im lazy to do so =____= yeahs. all i'll do is just write whats happening underneath the photo = caption. hahahaha. cos i cant rmbr whats going on from Feb 2 to Feb 6 tht much. fr some if i could rmbr, i'll share.

Feb, 2.
My 5th Friendship Annivasary with Tasha. =D thanks fr th text babe! yeah, through th years, we managed to pull through many consequences and problems together. hope our friendship last eternally!

Feb, 3.
accompany ezum to meet her friend. school ended at 1230. accompanied her till 230. thanks fr th treat babe! =D after 230, went to meet up with zen. then went to have dinner. and dropped macritchie.

this is Hady (:

ft RayBan.

hady ezum hady ezum.

yeah, shes stress, anyone? help her.

bandung, reminds me of Farah.

i took this. and she said style ; cool. went to take more then.. hahaha

ezum took this.

fuuh! epic!

\\// yeah!

Feb, 4.
idk whats happening on this date, forgot. but this one, vid of rizal randomly taking sip of th drink on th table. hahahah

Feb, 6.
went to ite simei fr audi. omg. no wonder ppl said, "waiting kills". yeah. bcos, we went to registered fr queue. and our turn supposed to be at 1130am. but we're late. so its shifted to 1pm. from 1pm, we waited like hella, end up, our turn is at 325 like tht. gosh. so long! but nvm. everything went smoothly. lucky. and th results will be announce on Feb, 12. wish us luck guys. end like 330 i guess. went separate ways. i accompanied zen to put his bass at home. then we went to LJS at Compass, have lunch. thought of going towning, but lazy. so just went to macritchie again. saw rabbits, took picture of it. hahaha

this was random.

taken by zen. i loooike this! =D

taken by zen.

end of yesterday. and today, just a simple one.

Happy 6th Monthsary! =D
woo! im happy. ahahahha. wish us last long. make it 6th Anni instead of Month. hahah.

and sadly, he cant send me anything bcos hes lappy's charger was condemned, by me. sorry. and its like, i only getta see him back again, otc in 2 weeks time. :'( nevermind. lucky ystrday we met. hehe. atleast tht was great enough rather than nothing.


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