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in the afternoon, went to meet myra at compass with zen. had lunch together at mcd compass and thought of dining in at ph bt then, nvm. we're fulled. dropped Swensens to accompany myra, she bought cake. and then send her to cab stand..

i and zen took train to hg mall, went to challenger.. hes been craving fr SonicGear earpiece. pfft! after buying th earpiece, bought ock food and sat awhile.. kill time.. and soon, we took train back sengkang and lrt to reach anchorvale.. went fr swimming lesson first.. and wooooo! thanks to zen i can now swim! :D its not easy to motivate me to swim.. i have th fear of Drowning. yup. basic, learnt. im currently learning a freestyle.. frogstyle, not yet. hope nxt week have.. woah, its really fun swimming! i love it! and i want again!! lesson everyday after school! hahahaha. kidding. alright, after swimming lesson, went mcd, bought dinner and take away. took train off home.

go home, was updating account and this is what i saw at my tagboard, my face was, ^__^

can i Lol as i read it over and over again? ok. u should be OMG first. Because, here it goes my Lecture. U want it so much right..

Me? Why? Nothing. You, Why! not me. yeh i know u put my link. but did u seek my acknowledge? No! futhermore, like someone said in your tagboard, its a free world thing. u dnt really haveta post it if u dnt want to. Exactly. Are u having Poor Simple English understanding problem? Is ure th one who made it like a Big issue. and ure asking Me? Funny. Futhermore, u jollywell put my link, with my Big Name. Whats that Fuck thing doing there in that post?! Answer that. If u wanna pick up an arguement with me, count your blessing on what uve done First! im sure u despise too if other ppl were to display ur name like Free in their blog. Hey, th feeling is mutual! Of course im Mad. its like, Why the fuck my name was up there! For No Damn Reason. Yana, i think, u need to regenerate your mentality of common sense. how shameful it is to know ure That Bad. And you're saying Only put my link? Are you sure? then wassup with this line in that post?

"remember before you off this page, do view the link above !"

Yana, i think ure really a Loser. Reverting back th qns to me abt Whats th Big Deal, and ure also saying "seriously, i got no time to entertain all this shit."?? wtf are u trying to say? got no time? then Why Bother To Even Create A Post? Plus my link?! Nuts. ure just making a fool of yourself fr ppl who reads your blog. Who is not mad and having a big issue if ure doing this to me! And like i said, u wanna make it epic, by displaying my name Big enough. so i'll see how Big enough u want this issue to be since u started it off first. I guess, u think ive made a less Big issue fr th previous post.. thts why ure complaining abt it. If u want to make it double th bigger issue, dnt hesitate to let me know alright? I have all th time in the world entertaining Nuts Like You! bdw, i guess th psb who told me that ure stalking me was Right! if ure nt stalking me, how did u getta know abt this post. By Friends? hahaha. 1001 reasons fr that. as fr me, i dnt even need to go your blog. only those who stalks me and obviously knw ure th regular customer of copy paste my work will know whats going on.. are u copying my work or not. Not me who got th time to look out for it.. My email are there, dnt think that no one did sent me email to complain abt ur blog.


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