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hello readers! yeh i know its been days since i last update. ive been busy lately with many things.. what now, i started schooling. but still, my sickness nver go off with th pain on my stomach. its hard to just ignore th pain, reason why, at times, th pain may go very pain to th extend that i cnt tolerate. despite tht, im lucky tht i can bare with th pain.. and going to school with th med in my bag =___= im hoping that im getting well so soon because if it doesnt, i had to attend appointment, and th doctor will send me to A&E. She told me that. sigh. and a week of absence was a tremendously bad. i missed so much lesson :( phase test was held on friday, and i didnt attend due to this sickness. whats more, this coming thursday i have test again. Shucks!!

anyway, below are vid i wish to share with everyone. it was posted originally from my bro in fb. he linked me to view this vid.. i've watched it thru th 6mins of this vid. Yall try ok? :D

Description from the Original source: *Alert Alert* This video is 6 mins long of puss and blood explosions. I dare you to watch. Betcha can't get through the whole video. No Jimmys were harmed while making this video.

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