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This is what it is called, *S H U C K S*~
no idea what im posting? end of my post you'll know.

my handphone, seems to cause problem to me again. :( cant turn on. worst!!!! idiot! it starts from like, since 3pm.. until now. sighs~ mum told me to get new phone but i insisted. yeah. all bcos i love this phone. its my 16th birthday phone. i've lost my 15th birthday phone. and what now, th 16? ugghhhh! still haven backup contact some more.. lucky msg all are saved in mmc.. sent for servicing many times already.. and im going to sony to send it again, tmrw. im soooo not gonna get new one. even though mum will tell dad to buy me new one. to me, unless i wish to get new one, then i will get.. sighs~

living in a world without phone.. =/


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