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cool! like finally. performance was great! i love it! it was a success. cant believe tht i can rmbr those routines in just less than 3 weeks.. amazing. cos ususally, it took me like within 1 mth to rmbr any routines..

so in th morning, came school at 8am.. had heavy breakfast. awesome! early in th morning i had Mee Rebus + Milo. Power!. after breakfast, all went to dance studio.. around 10am+ we started to get ready everything.. by 1130, we performed fr th first round.. 2nd round was at 230 onwards.. lucky zen came.. around 2+.. he was there watching me dance, but at th backstage. woo! coolpass u got issit?? ^_^ thanks fr recording th vid though!

after first performance, went to meet ezum and friends at th canteen, and surprisingly, farah and her friends came. you still look th same farah!! :D hehe. i spent time with them, around 1230, they went off to class and i went to meet dawn.. slacked in th hall while waiting for zen to come.. meanwhile, met arif fr awhile.. 2+, zen came. brought him to th studio.. during performance, he didnt watch it at th hall, instead, he preferred th back stage.. after performance, slack awhile with ezum again.. then, after awhile, they went off while i was taking my stuffs.. so left me & zen. go my lunch there and bumped into sec sch friends.. also, cnt believe tht vikash was a friend of my bf. Pri sch friends.. hahaha.

so after that, got myself changed. randomly took bus to sengkang.. and took bus again.. along th way, bumped into daffi in th bus.. it was raining at tht time.. so went together with daffi. spent th late evening with daffi and off home.

oh yes, as for the pictures, i wont post here at certain times due to blogger loading time.. so some pictures i will upload at Fb. Click here th link down below for pictures of today.
Click Here For Pictures.


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