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hi everyone! hmms, im supposed to update yesterday.. but nvm. lets recap..

April, 9.
on friday, i have work. supposed to come @ 4pm. but we shifted it to 530pm.. all bcos, we had this special "Meeting" with daffi. haha. how funny it turns out.. first, met zen, then, farridon came. we all then took bus to pasir ris.. nxt, daffi came at 330. we all was waiting for jannah by then.. meanwhile, we went to WhiteSand Arcade to play daytona. woah, its been so long since i last played tht game.. and i was in th 4th place at first. we played 3 rounds. th last round i was in th 1st place. ^^

arcade done, so we planned to have lunch.. had lunch together and still waiting for jannah.. she came at around 6 i guess.. cant rmbr. we had some talks together then off to Mangrove watch tower. after walking for some rounds in th mangrove, we then decided to do some time attack inside th mangrove. so we all went to th watch tower.. all was there since 630.. during this time duration, 645-730.. Omfg.. so many voices and sounds i can describe.. but not in text. 1hr in tht place was actually quite creepy i can say.. and zen, saw tht beheaded thingy. right beside on top of us.. of course we made our way out.. and by th time, its already like going 8pm..

i and zen made our way to work.. at night yeah. cool. and th manager thought tht we're having some school shit meeting. what a good scene we made. pfft. =__= and so, daffi went off with jannah and my bro. i and zen was thinking of going or not going to work.. in th end, we decided to just come for work since we called our manager 3hrs back and she want us to show up even how late we end.. so no choice..

by th time we reached workplace, its like around 915. awesome! 915pm report work. cool. and manager still can joke with us by saying, "I strangle both of you then u know, ure spoiling my day.." but still, we're laughing over it.. and i had no idea why she put me to work at th front house.. which means i have to go and serve ppl and set tables all.. nvm. it was a cool experience though.. but then again, i'd rather prefer working in th kitchen.. can eat as much as i want compared to working infront.. u cant eat. u can only see th cust eat. hahaha

work ended at 11pm. went to meet bro, slacked awhile and off home..

April, 10.
yesterday i had hardcore dance practice at RP. had to travel all th way to woodland just for 2-8pm dance practice. which was worth i can say..

first met zen and then, went to amk to search for something to buy and then went for lunch @ Banquet. finished eating at 3pm.. rush and took train off to RP. thanks to alwiah fr th bus number. hees. ^^ reached RP @ 4pm.. zen went off to meet his friend.. i had to practice and rmbr all those routines.. 3 routines to rmbr in just 2weeks is not that easy. Easier said than done. all ppl might think its easy. bt its totally not.. it took me atleast 1mth to actually rmbr any routines.. but nvm. since th performance will be on this thursday.. so let it be. i've also rmbr all my routines perfectly.. thanks to tiara and dawn for pushing me to rmbr. \\// :D

dance ended at 8pm. slacked at RP till 9pm.. went off and took bus home..

April, 11.
And tmrw, still have dance practice @ 4pm till night.. tuesday & wednesday im working. but imma cancel my work time.. since both day are rehearsal.. have yet to practice more and sharpen my steps..

whats more, tmrw also starting of th term 2.. new ppl and faces for April intake.. and i have to report in school at 815.. should be together with ezum.. for some april intake orientation again..

alright, im done updating. i have work today supposedly at 12pm.. replacing someone.. but then, shifted it to 4pm.. cos for some reasons. \\// ok, takecare guys!

anything just leave me msg in my tagboard. Bye! =D


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