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post for two days back, April, 12.

tiring. Started day with ezum in school.. i was late, again. like always.. and its th 1st day of school.. so had orientation for April Intake.. i came at 9 i guess.. yeah. and soon, joined them. met Hafiz at th foyer.. sent him to audi.. and then, slacking in th foyer with ezum until th april intake came down..

played team building games with them.. oooooh, hope they enjoyed th game.. whats more yeah, hmms, meanwhile, while th april intake are having break, all went to student hub to have lunch also.. took some pictures of it.. next, 2nd round, but taking different class.. set th same thing, played games with them.. after that game, they went fr break. soon, almost all SC played captain ball.. in th foyer though its sunny hot.. funny thing was that, they set th rules that we only could step on th black tiles.. hoho.

my team won! woooo! and sadly, ezum's team lose. so that had to do forfeit by dancing chicken dance. Lol. after that part, everyone return to student hub, me and ezum slacking in th hub until 4 i guess.. what happen next, we skipped class since morning. Power!

so met zen at punggol int, and then, took bus back again to my school.. he sent me fr dance practice and he went to meet my bro to go anchorvale swimming complex. and end of th day with dance practice, met zen at hougang mall. bumped into reynold, yu ting & bronson.. ahahaha. funny how things changed so fast..

and this post, for yesterday, April, 13.

i had some things going on at home, so i couldnt report to school.. but then, i met zen. around 3pm+, i accompanied him for haircut. after all things, he went back home and i had my lunch alone at th mcd nearby.. he reported work at 5pm. when hes supposed to work at 4pm. but anyway, it was raining at tht time.. after i had my meal, i took bus to toa payoh.. roamed around there on my own and then took bus to school for dance practice..

practice for half and hr till 730, then off to work. by th time i reached workplace, its like going 8pm.. surprised to know that they put me to work on th front house.. thanks to zen for teaching me those things.. 10+, went off. slacked and went home.

And as for today, was the greatest day i ever had! yup. skipped work for swimming. awesome! so after school met zen, took bus off to Beach Road. had lunch together.. after lunch, walked around concourse area, randomly, this old granny approach to me from no where.. well, i shall keep th convo between me & th granny confidential.. pretty lazy to explain here. so, took bus to bugis.. going around bugis, and nxt, to Penin. Lastly, took train to frm city hall to orchard, dropped far east.. busy going around towns searching for shoes.. epic part how i spent my 50 today. it burnt just in 1 Day!

first, we up at Far East. didnt attend dance practice. had lunch with zen at Beach road.. supposed to meet farridon and daffi at 63o, sengkang. but since we both are late, took cab to my school.. take things frm my locker and then fetch my bro with th same cab. after tht, to sengkang fetch daffi and off to anchorvale swimming complex. reached there at almost 8pm.. just nice. met herwan too.. he joined us also fr swimming. ok, th best part was tht, im not in swimming suit. so not choice, had to buy swimming suit fr myself. it cost me $25.90.. sighs~ $ gone. 50 bucks burnt.

alright, had my fullest time there, and like always, i cant swim. but then, im going to have swimming lesson every friday. awesome! we went off at 930.. frm th swimming complex, we walk up to sengkang int.. went separately. zen went with me, he sent me back home and met my bro.


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