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just came back from private doctor.. thought of going poly, but nvm. too lazy. thanks to zen fr accompanying me and took th time to fetch me frm my home.. hope u like it th food mum provide u just now ;D and like finally u met my dad. hahaha. cos u always getta meet my mum only right. now, stomach cramp like idk how to describe. so today, i have to eat 5 different types of medicines.. out of all, 1 is in liquid form.. others are all tablets. and doctor said that i have flu virus. plus, gastric. which is true. i cant let myself hungry.. when i feel like eating, i haveta eat.. otherwise, this is what happen.. and my stomach is still hurting right now.. since last night.. i even had heavy meal last night but still same.. sigh. current temp degree, 37.9..

sorry to myra fr just now.. i cudnt talk to you for long.. i was really in pain.. maybe we'll settle those stuff soon alright? probably asap when im fine.

not coming work & school today. MC fr 2 days.. so i hope things will get betta by thursday.. im off to take a rest now.. takecare everyone. dnt frgt to eat whenever u feel like eating.. cos if not, you will become like me..


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