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been days since i last update my blog.. sorry guys. im so very busy these days with many things.. alright, lets start reading my day..

so today im supposed to meet ezum in sch @ 11am. but then, i was late. Sorry. all bcos, first, i was clumsy again, when i was on my way to school, i went back home, thought tht my locker key was at home, Again! but not. pfft. it was in my bag. so zen came to fetch me and off to my school.. whats more, im having dance practice at th same time..

reached school at 1pm. had those project stuffs done and then, fahmi came. since it was 230, i went for my dance practice. and performance are going to be like less than 1 week. idiot. so fast. i just learnt th routines like 2 weeks ago.. and so, fahmi came and was with zen & ezum. meanwhile, i came for dance practice and learnt those formation..

1hr later, i came back. sorry to keep yall waiting. didnt know th time was clocking so fast.. next, we head down to tamp, catched movie. took train. first we went have dinner at Tamp Food Court while waiting fr rizal to come.. next, to Shaw @ Tamp.. well, wea so fickle of what movie to watch. end up, we made our choice of watching "How to train your dragon" @ Gv. its a good movie anyway! =D

after movie end, all went separate ways. and i went to browse for some bottoms then right off home.

fahmi, ezum & rizal.

fahmi ezum fahmi ezum.. haha


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