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here comes th 2nd day.. my bad fr th late post. been hectic so much.. this post supposed to be on March 31.

but anyway, 2nd day wasnt tht bad. i could still rmbr what exactly happened in the morning. i was late. all bcos, i was really2 very clumsy in th morning.. first, th moment i went out, which is around 815, whereby im supposed to report at 8am. th point of time, th only thing i was thinking was, my earpiece. yeah. ive been searching fr my earpiece until aft i texted my bro, then he said he took it. felt so relieved. nxt thing, went to meet zen. almost reaching my school, i then rmbred abt my locker key. how clumsy it was, i can say, its very. first, i was infront of my school, but i went to take bus and was omw home, together with zen. in th middle my way, i kept searching fr th key.. and wala! found it. i was Super =___= like, why am i so clumsy, took th trouble all th way to go home whereby th key was actually in my bad, side pocket. pfft!~ and of course i went to go back school. reached hall at 9am. sat there, did some survey, listen to th speaker until 11am. we also played this game in th hall called "Stock Exchange". buying stocks with fake $. and then tea break.

after tea break, went fr nxt game called "Poker Maze". my group was merged with another group. then divided into 4. each group has its own symbol of poker card. my group symbol was given club. well, poker maze was fun. cos everyone has to stay connected and none are allowed to touch th string. once touched, everyone gotta restart th entire maze over again. and once everyone completed, then we're to pick th card on th ground. only th blue card. and we haveta pass th designated symbol to their respective group who got tht symbol. so we all played poker maze, we all tried over and over again, many times. bcos many ppl touched th string. and didnt stay silence. im happy tht we all managed to complete th entire maze even though we restart like more than several times. yeah, nver give up! and we had tea break after th poker maze. i ate soo damn alot! haha

nxt game was "Inline skating". finally, i getta learn howta skate! hehe. was too excited fr tht. and im very happy bcos i started to have interested in skating. and zen gotta teach me how to skate nxt time. hee. i didnt managed to take pictures during skating, cos left my cam on th table. after skate, we went to th hall fr some talk again. 2 topics and th 2nd was about giraffe. hahaha. speaker frm US i guess.. cnt rmbr. and many ppl were complaining cos th speaker was like, "and th giraffe...." next moment again, "giraffe also....". but then again, i find th talk interesting, didnt know giraffe was tht wonderful! we had break in th meantime, ate cakes.. tidbits. another talk frm different speaker, talking abt Lauching of $1 Project. asking, "What can $1 do for someone in need?" everyone got $1 respectively. and im surprised to know tht $1 was for us. for us to do smtg fr someone in need.

so after tht talk, at 515, all went to change fr dinner. met zen since he was waiting fr me just opposite my locker area. haha. alright, i then went to get myself changed and went up hall. took many pictures with new friends there. they were all great people. or i should say, great leaders! \\// hmms, after all sat in table of 10, frm same campus. they had 2 perfomances frm college east and yishun. after performance, we had our dinner together. and presentation of cert. everything done, all were dismissed. everyone roamed around taking pictures. wooo, finally, completed. and thank you zen for waiting fr me.

down below are pictures of 1st and 2nd day. Enjoy!
More Pictures @ Click Here

i love this picture, thanks to zen!

blind fold game. taken by jun.

tht Poker Maze.

i had this for tea break! haha.

tht right side is my rollerblade shoe! =D

new mates frm college east.


pen down..

make as many words associated with "Leadership"..

yeah! Giraffe! haha

taken by zen.

halfway ready.

from macpherson campus.

central + east.

idk why william was in the picture when its supposed to be all girls. hahs.

bella and me.

my dinner.

expected to thank god fr food.

1st performance.

2nd performance, frm college east.

jun on th stage receiving cert.

nur, jun, bella & me.

supposed to be just mp with th trainees. but all came in.. nice one!

2nd last picture, random.

with kelvin, our SC president.


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