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what's the problem with you right now yana? posting my name on your blog? If You wanna make it Epic, i can help you. i've read your tagboard. People seems to despise what uve done. You know what uve done and i guess i dnt need to detail u any longer. plus, i think, if i could still rmbr, months back, theres psb who told me abt u, that u didnt leave a credit. thts why ive been telling you Stop Stalking My Life. this is what happen. its all bcos u have been copy pasting all my work and thats why ppl thought its th same thing again. Ms Yana, i bet that blogskin also its not Originally Made from you. Ive seen it somewhere in blogskin. So dont claim that its Totally Yours. Plus, dont try to trick someone like me who knows better abt html. im not boasting bt just telling you. because, ppl can simply hate u for being this. Dont tryna be me. because, if u were to ask me to make blogskin of ur own choice, design, i can make. That copy paste from Blogskin.com is not my thing. Im not doing that funny part. But you, just admit, you're not the one who made that blogskin. Futhermore, ppl who tagged you are just telling u to credit the original blogskinner and me. But what are you doing? Are u really having English Grammar Understanding Problem?

If You are Happy With Making My Name Epic, Go Ahead. But Dont come to me to ask for Forgiveness again After I've Made My Move To Make You Name Epic!


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