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didnt attend school today. supposed to. cos need to do some project report.. but sadly, didnt turn up. Overslept. Pfft.

met zen, took bus to town, then to shenton way. took train to tiong bahru and had lunch there around 5pm at ljs. while waiting for fazli to come, so we dine at ljs. after we're done, went to meet fazli to pass his diary and he look way different! :D so after passing him his diary, had little convo, went off and took bus to bedok reservoir. walked up to another bus stop along the reservoir and took bus to my area and change again. finally. reached home.

just posting a short post. and the good news im pending to let yall know, i already tender my resignation! So, im back not working again! hahahaha. all because i and zen was no show on 25th. and my RGM said before, once again no show, she will put us on auto resignation. and yes uh! we don't have to wait like a week for confirmation. finally. now left to return all the uniform..


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