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woooooh, its so exciting to know tomorrow is my birthday! not only me, boyfriend felt so excited ^__^ and thanks to those whom have wished me in advanced. appreciate it so much!

so plan for tomorrow was awesome! heheh. seems like after school, im going to meet zen and hes going to accompany me to buy my birthday cake! yay! and after that, im bringing him to celebrate with my family. :D

whats more, im happy to let yall know that my sickness had gone! :D poof! yeah! my body system are fine now. so just a little reminder to those who read this, make sure yall eat whenever yall feel like eating alright. don't delay it. otherwise, for some who got sensitive body system, you can easily get gastric or even, flu virus. don't let this happen. its worst experienced i had. every time i eat, that's when every what i ate will puke out. All. so, take good care of yourself! \\//


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