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its been such a long time i didnt update. my bad for that. well, i've been busy with many things these months. alot of things has to be done. i'll just do a quick update.

on saturday i and bf went out with my bestie, myra ^__^. thought of going to clementi but end up, we went to marina barrage for some photoshoot together. thanks to zen for being the photographer. but before going there, we went to had our lunch together at ljs hougang mall. didnt know it took so long for us to reach marina barrage. we met in the afternoon at 330. hmms, and we reached at marina barrage around 730. went off at 830 and took cab come. pictures are with her. i'll upload the album link once ive got all of the pictures.

and on sunday, i had nothing much to do, went to get it on about working back my blogshop which was planned by bf. now, i got a new blogshop. as a start, i'll be selling contact lense at lowest price which is $15. feel free to visit my blogshop @ This Link.

partly, thanks to bf for making this happening and working out :D

and for yesterday, yes i didnt attend to school due to some personal reasons. but i'll be coming to school on tuesday. Happy schooling tisha!


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