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it was farridon's birthday today. so, had day out with family. but hes not following since hes tired from going out earlier with his friends.

took cab with family and went to Courts Megastore. mum had to bought new fridge. damn cos my current fridge is not working. and its not cold. had it repaired for twice but still the condition remains the same. and so, mum had to bought new one. after shes done, we all had our dinner at BB or so called as Box Bistro. alright, let me tell u smtg abt this restaurant. this restaurant provides good customer service. i had spaghetti and chocolate milkshake. for just a milkshake, it cost $5 bucks! wtf? i think, i'd rather buy Starbuck coffee which i find 10x worth of the price. but end of the day, im like starving myself with spaghetti. and my stomach almost bloated. overall, total bill was almost 80 bucks. omg! i think, if i were to bring my family to dine in at pizzahut, i don't think the bill would explode that much.

after dinner, we went home and bought cake for farridon. celebrated his 17th birthday. finally 17-.- ahaha.


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