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Woohooo! Finally exam's over!
Its June!

hello readers! how have you been? ive been good and i know its been sucha long time i didnt update my blog, yes i know. all because i was busy preparing for my exam. and now its over, and im happy for it!

i have many things to share about whats happening but then, nvm. because to think back of what to write, also rmbr what happened last week, and typing all of them here, would get me a headache. now its already almost 6.30am and im not asleep yet. once in awhile, i get too excited of after exam moment. haha! oh yes, my holiday are till July 11. cool aint it?! yeah! and im planning not to go anywhere. i need to takecare of my skin, yes im very concern about that. looking at my skin tone getting tanner rather than fairer, made me upset. so meaning to say, i wont be going out any often this holiday unless if there's a need.

next thing, about my blogshop. thanks for those who have supported. appreciate it alot. and there's 2nd pre-order which i just opened. the 1st pre-order has closed. and all orders has been sent. i'll notify once i receive the items. just check out my blogshop for updates.

to close this post, i want to say goodbye and good morning. because im off to sleep right now. my eyes are almost forcing me to shut down. takecare everyone!


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