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Alright, so now im going to share about today.
Hmms, i had project presentation this morning and we did great! :D and also, i had NAPFA test! i can say that i did fairly well but then, the station that always had been my weekness was Sit-up. i was never good at that station. not only that, standing broad jump too. but then, atleast that standing broad jump i can do it. thought i flunk. and this is going to be my first time sharing my score in my blog. Starting from the first station,

Sit-up: 22
Sit & Reach: 44
Standing broad jump: 172
Shuttle-run: 11.22
Pull-up: 20

about my 2.4, i got 14th position in my class and the 4th girl in class. idk whats the timing because the teacher told me the results will be out nxt week since they computerize to know the timing. Congrats to Shahadun & Ezum for top 2 position. Awesome, Shahadun got 1st! Great! *thumbs-up* keep it up!

right after 2.4, my thighs was badly hurt :(( thanks to zen for fetching me. told him about it and he said that my muscle had torn up due to i occasionally exercise. good. no wonder. and its really hurting whenever i go down the stairs or even, squat. :((((( hope it'll recover asap. i cant stand because it been daily i climb up and down the stairs and even, squat to clear my bottom study cupboard. Damn!


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