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firstly, today i was very clumsy. idk why but at this point, i did smtg that really2 abashes to myself.

class ends like damn as early as 1030am. everyone was present except haqim. aft class, had breakfast and slacked in school till 12 noon. ezum & me went to accompany rizal to ICA Building to collect his passport. omg. we waited for more than 1hr fr his turn since 1235 =____= so long! until 140pm, then his turn. waited like dumb ppl. ezum halfway fell asleep and so as rizal. ahahah! but i nver did sleep because i was plugging inbox and wasnt planning to sleep also. meanwhile, while waiting for his turn, thought of asking zen to come there but he wasnt there when rizal has done collecting his passport. so told him to meet me at Bedok Int instead. ezum went to take train home and rizal went to accompany me to Bedok by train too.

we already reached Bedok but he hasnt reach yet, so in the meantime, tagged rizal to have lunch at mcd and told zen to meet us there. finally. zen was there at 340. slacked fr awhile and went off from mcd and separately from int. thank you for accompanying me rizal (: hope u enjoyed my belated treat =D hahaha!

so left i and zen. we then took train again to Jurong East to collect his lappy. Yay!!! Finally hes getting hes lappy back again! ^___^ otw there in the train, the weather was cloudy and going to rain so soon. and few mins after we dropped at Jurong East, the rain started to pour heavily. took bus to Acer. omg! just to reach Acer building, i was drenched and zen was 2x drenched. awesome! but luckily i brought umbrella with me, and we did reach the building safely though while walking storming with thunders, flashing our way. my shoes was like as if it was soaked in swimming pool. my shoes are drenched. sighs. so in the centre, after zen collected his lappy, while waiting for him to troubleshoot and check his lappy, i went to toilet.

alright, this was the very embarrassing moment. i went into this door which is linked to its office. suddenly there was a man passing by the office. at that time, i was going to push this door which i thought it was a girl toilet since everytime i believe they always keep the door closed fr girls toilet. so i thought it was girl toilet, and when i went in, awesome! i started to wonder how come and since when suddenly girls toilet got this guy's urinal bowl/drain at the side. and i did went to open the cubical door. all i see was toilet bowl. and when i looked at the door and the wall, Shucks dnt tell me im inside male toilet. and its true, i went out and looked at the sign and it was stated, "Male" with a male sign. awesome! no wonder that man was glancing at me while im trying to push the door. because the door that i was gonna push was the male toilet. pfft. yes of course i did went out and went into the girl's toilet. felt so relieve because first, luckily no one was inside the toilet and secondly, luckily no one went inside the toilet when i was making my way out from the male toilet. funny how things turned out. wonder how come i didnt realise the sign board..

told zen and he was giggling about it. damn you! so the weather was still raining so heavily but we did made our way to bus stop. took one bus straight to my home. pheww~ freaking tired and my legs are in total pain. especially when i wanna climb up stairs or going down. uurgghh! had dinner at mcd with zen. by that time, i was having slight fever already because i caught too much colds. was sneezing and having flu at the same time till now.


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