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today i was very early to school. haha. and zen was in rush for interview at old police academy, at mt pleasant. which is around toa payoh.. hmms. no choice, but to take cab to school and he continued taking the same cab to old police academy. wish best of luck for his interview. ^__^

so i guess today after school i'll be going home and get myself change. oh yeah, i felt sorry for rizal upon knowing that he lost his hp. inside bus. so careless and this is his 2nd time losing such valuable items. futhermore its Samsung SGH F480! >_<

ok, class going to end soon. and zen going to end maybe at 5 or earlier. idk what im going to do during that entire time slot. probably go home after sch, change, go out and drop ps and kill time alone outside till he is done. i might be going window shopping then..


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