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woohooo! like finally ive got myself the white colour after so long ive been using the brownish purple colour. rare colour, i know. they gave me that colour bfore, i had no choice but to accept it.

sooo happy to get my earpiece exchange. but first, after school zen fetched me then we went to tamp for lunch. we then took train to simei, hoping that sony service centre @ east point gt stock fr the earpiece. sadly no. took train and rush again to bishan. yessss! lucky bishan still have stock ^__^ so i dnt haveta wait fr 1 week, or even worst, a month.

next, took train from bishan to paya lebar to take circle line. paya lebar to redhill. =___= i had to go upto the tanglin there just to settle about YOG =__= waste time. because, in the end, going there was worthless! i cant indicate my uniform size all because the admin frm my college didnt assign any job position to me. Wth! wasting my time rushing all the way to redhill. pfft. was there till evening, took bus and drop MacRitchie. slacked there fr an hr, and study cos tmrw i have test. almost going evening, went off took bus to hg int. still, frm hg int need take another bus to my home, and wala, Home! :D

sighs, yes, i know u saw yana's picture below. reason why i did this, i finally realised smtg after so long. yall can sure spot Big Similarity in her box at the bottom of her picture, In Red Colour Font. wth. whats that supposed to mean yana?? yet u claimed that u Will Not & Didnt pick any of my copyright Anymore? since when?? thats why i told ya, once a copycat, always a copycat. Eg. Like You! Be Shameful Of Yourself Yana! u edited my line and add some words of yours. Wtf! and the next thing ure going to tag me, "I Promise I wont do it again" wtf was that?! Promise?? i think majority of the passerby who told me bfore were right! Dont tryna seek some sympathy saying this over and over, "Its up to you to believe me or not". its written here clearly. Your Words Are Just, Bullshit.

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