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alright, im here back again, blogging. Yessss!

so school was great. finally i came for morning class. otherwise i'll definitely be sleeping at home till afternoon strikes. and eventhough i was late for school, atleast i came rather not :D hee. class ends so early that i had to shift all plans forward. didnt even have time to slack with ezum :( class supposedly end at 1pm but then, it ends at 1130am. pretty awesome! and moving on, after school, im going off home and how funny that dear ezum always thought that im working whereby i've tender resignation since last month 25th. hahs. slack for few not even 5 mins and went off, straight to clear my locker for a moment and brought all the junkies back home since im making my way home. get everything settled and went to get myself changed. down to meet zen.

we're supposed to meet myra to file some police report today but because of when i texted her and i didnt got any reply, guess she was asleep or busy. i was right! she replied and said that she was fast asleep. cool! so pushed it to tmrw. but then, seems like i cant make it for tomorrow. i'll be busy for the entire day with many things. i had to rush to redhill between 5pm to 7pm to collect YOG stuffs and had to meet the person to ask about smtg. but bfore that also i need to go sony to change my earpiece. don't know wether i can reach redhill around 5pm not.

continue from 2nd paragraph, since she said that she fell asleep, so we made our way to wisma to change earpiece. half way walking there, stopped at Kopitiam and had dessert =P i loooike it! yummy~ after we're done, continue walking and yessss, reached. oh sadly to know that the earpiece was unavailable. need wait for 1 week for the new earpiece to arrive =__= idts i would wanna wait till 1 week and so, i went to avoid the request. thanks to zen for letting me know. cos thought of going to j8 to check out. we took train to j8, train like damn so packed and very full. people are like squeezing their way in & out. reached j8, and there's a board there saying, "Service Closed. 11am to 7.45pm" when zen looked at his watch, we're just late by 3mins. wth. nvm. thought of dining in at pizzahut but its full so as ljs. again we took train to kovan and had dinner at mcd. finally =__=" done with that, home sweet home :D

oh yea, how surprising to know this News has become so epic and has been spread to many people in short time rapidly. well i was like always stuck on facebook, and suddenly dear ezum posted this vid, i thought i didnt have any suspects in mind after seeing that dispute. it was very shocking to know who was who after seeing that vid. by hearing that kinda voice + his way of slapping, half way the vid, i stopped and my mind was wondering cant be afez from vougelicious. he sounds so Guyish this time.

well its True though. watched the entire vid with farridon. right after that vid, when i tried to find more about it, i didnt know it has been spread rapidly in Stomp. amazing. when it has been posted like just Yesterday. i got no idea whos that girl but then, seems like my brother kinda knew that girl. im not tryna give bad impression about afez indirectly, but i think, such violent behaviour should Not be condoned at all. cant really tell what they were argueing and fighting about though. nvm. wonder why the girl didnt reflex any violence actions to retaliate. if i were to be that girl, i would already smash the guy at the same time with a bang on the ground instead of the lift. hmms, but its really ridiculous cos fighting and using violence actions simply wont make problem any better. so to the guys, Please, do not ever use any violence acts against Girls to solve problem. its just making the things 2x worst and tragic.

You can actually catch this either on Facebook or Stomp.


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