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im in school currently. and i felt i have many things to blog about but nevermind. i felt like blogging about school occasionally.

this morning i was very late. even though i actually woke up at 7am. class at 8am. and latest time i have to be there by 9am. awesome. yet i reached school at 10, went to canteen since they're having break. and 1030 up to class, teacher was giving me like 5mins of lecture about my performance. well, yes imma come on time next time. and yes, i totally forgot about the ibm class on last friday. i missed the first lesson. around 1045, class end and off to next class.

so now im in 2nd class. supposedly today ends at 5. but because of my first class ends early, they shifted the starting 2nd class earlier. omg. i felt i have to cover so much topics and chapter. Im lost~ thanks to ezum for buying me the module book ♥

besides that, i also need to learn many things and catch up many lesson from classmates.. and my phase test will be in two weeks time.. either on tuesday or thursday. Shucks! and i know nothing about database. splendid! like my teacher told me, "i dont want you to flunk on your graduation year.. and i want you to get 3.5<.." its true. i'll try my best to catch up everything that i've missed though. 8am monday to friday class are killing my eyes. because i slept after midnight. thats why i couldnt wake on time every morning.


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