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what a great 18th Birthday Celebration i had today! i simply Love it :D Finally Legal! can take car license soon. yay!! ^__^

well i was absent today for school, because i overslept. good, like always it happened. all because i actually slept at 630am. when my class was going to start in 2hrs time. good! and i was spending my entire early birthday midnight with zen. thank you for overnight with me otp! i like! hehe. ^__^ not only that, special thanks to zen, tasha & fahmi for the birthday wish in the midnight..

woke up at 1130 and get everything ready. around 2pm, i was on my way to meet zen. first place, we went to have our lunch at pizzahut tamp at 330. My treat <3 ___=" we">my wish came true, to spend my time on my special day by celebrating my birthday with my special ones. ^__^ thanks for creating that unforgettable moments! ily! thanks also for accompanying me to go around tamp and find a perfect birthday cake for me! love you! went home together with zen.. i guess, he enjoyed getting along with those two of my younger brothers. wonder how he managed to entertain them. because they're freaking annoying actually. meanwhile, i helped mom to prepare food for celebration. sorry zen for making you to wait like since 7pm to 9pm just to celebrate. +__x after celebration, he had dinner together with my family. except dad, hes working. wooooh, finally! nxt time always make a habit to come my house again! :D *thumbs-up*

im done. just wanna say thanks to my family, zen and the close ones, whom have wish me by text especially my dear bestfriend myra. thanks alot for taking the effort to type about 8 pages long which i didnt expect it could be that long. ahha! wonderful. i like it anyway! not forgetting, my networking friends whom have wish me either on facebook, tagged or by blog post. Special thanks to nisa for the pretty tag u've made! love it! below are pictures of those who wished me by blog post. thanks alot! pictures of my celebration i have yet to upload. i will post the link as soon as i upload it on Facebook. any missing wish by blog post, let me know.

takecare and have a nice day!

by nisa.

by my dear bestfriend myra.

and by adeebah.


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