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had family outing. like finally. hahaha. and i didnt attend to work. = Skipped. yeah, even though its a double pay, but if i didnt go, So What. hee. i'd rather go out with family. whateva i want, sure they buy. hees.

family outing was th best time fr me with family. and wherever we go, i cnt recall where. but all i could rmbr was first to sim lim. omg omg! dad might be buying for me sony cam, 14.1 mp!! wooo! W320 or 310.. cnt rmbr. mum was about to get th same thing, but dad suggest to get handycam. wooooo. awesome. alright, whats more, going around sim lim just to search fr bro hp. been hrs, so thought of having meal. but all fast food restaurant were so fulled. so nvm.. oh yea! bro, hes getting new hp. his current hp are pathetically annoying. th screen always distorted. not only that, th camera also. so end up, parents got him new hp. and dad subscribe new line fr bro, and hes new hp, Super awesome. SE Vivaz. Wooooh! Amazing yo! well, im not envy of him or anything. bcos to think back, last time, back then, when th time parents bought fr me hp, he didnt got one, all he did was to just look and see my new hp. now my current SE W910i, still working. and in good condition. so i dont think i would wanna get new set. wasted. its my birthday present since i was sec 4. hehe. my sec 3 birthday present was SE also, W550i. swing phone. but i lost it after 3 weeks of using it. it dropped and i didnt notice or even feel it. bcos i was wearing lanyard on th hp. pfft! until now, im so not gonna use any lanyard. Learnt my lesson so much..

after bought bro hp, all went to mcd near bugis junction. bought food and carryout. bcos th seats were all taken. i thought we're going home. but not. hahaha. how surprising, dad went to one of this restaurant opp th national library.. th one got 711.. along th side theres salon.. yeah, tht area. and so, he brought us there, ordered food and eat there. omg! awesome. hahaha. so many food bought today. and i had black pepper chicken rice. been missing tht chicken rice. cos i always eat pizza pizza pizza and More pizza! if not, then burger and More burgers! haha. after dinner, i brought dad to Bugis Street. and wooo! shopping! finally, for me, new wardrobe. wooo. loving it. i bought so many clothes and pants. yay! =D after shopping, took bus and went home.

Tireeeeed. hehe. takecare yall!
and below are pictures of my family. i took all th pictures using bro hp. coolio! 8.1mp!

dad, mum & 2 younger brothers. hahaha.

this is mine! loving it.

and this was what i had fr dinner..

himself, my bro.

and, taqin! hahaha, th annoying boy!


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