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woah. today, hectic day i had. starting from morning till night.

in th morning, went to school for this event, SC Leadership summit.. i was almost late. supposed to be there by 715. but i was there at almost 8am. ahha. lucky i didnt frgt abt th tie. bcos th last time i was rushing fr time, i frgt to bring my tie. just blazer on. funny isnt it? lucky this time i didnt frgt. hmms, went up to hall, had talks and played ice breaking games with other SC frm diff campus, till 1030 then tea break. zen came down to my sch, had to pass him smtg. he accompanied me during th tea break till 1130. had my attire changed and went up hall fr some games.

afternoon schedule was rather fantastic than morning. we're all break up into groups. played games all th way till 5pm. haha. awesome. games all about teamwork. first game was moon ball. objective of this game is to make sure that this big ball(th one made in plastic tht can compressed) should not touch th ground. each tap counts. just make sure tht th ball doesnt falls or touch th ground. fun game though. had many tries. end up, we managed to achieve 210 of taps.

2nd game was team link. its like big mat, on th mat, its like hop scotch. theres 20 boxes. and we're suppose to get connected with each other. fun game. and my group managed to complete tht link.. haha. next, th 3rd game was key punch. everyone has to tap their designated number on th mat. 30 numbers in th square on th mat. according to how fast we 30 ppl can tap on th number. and we made it in 43 seconds after so many tries.

down fr tea break again and up fr th last challenge, blind fold. this one funny. i walk until end up to no where. hahaha. overall, interesting game. =D bfore we all go off, had debrief and group photo. went up to th hall fr last debrief and done! hehe. fun and tiring. all end like 530pm. tmrw last day. wooooh!

met zen aft th event. took bus to compass. had dinner at Banquet. saw some vougelicious crew. i didnt notice them in th first place. but bf does. he told me about it. and i wonder, how come ppl didnt realise abt their presence. alright, after dinner, straight back home. and im super exhausted now. still need prepare fr tmrw last day of th event. phhew. and thursday, working. sighs. shall end here. bye!

i'll upload th photos of th event as soon as i get it. \\//


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