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Epic News! Reporting from Home =___= pfft. ok, lame. hahas.

This guy, went to impersonate as my brother in fb. i just find it ridiculous. why would he want to save farridon's picture as himself? Guess hes guilty. bcos, my bro once told me, this guy did sent him request bfore, but at tht time, th dp wasnt farridon's picture. but yeah, until.... recently. like wth. so idiot. one after another. im surprised to know tht he was a bachelor, cos, he took degree which was last year Dec, 14. Degree!!! not PSLE or even, N/O lvl. ive gotten his fb email, but im too busy to hack him. Many said tht this guy may be his fan, but he said, hes nt worried of tht, hes worry tht this moron might go around and do bad things to other ppl which may bring ppl to think tht my bro is a bad guy. Dammit!

So, I just request your favour. I really need your help. Or even, to whoeva who is currently reading this. Please help me to report this particular fake profile on fb.

Here's the following links.

Thank You for helping me.


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