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in school now. how great it can be. im playing some fb games in class. haha. thanks to shahadun XD oh well, i've nothing to share abt. just a short post im doing now. a quick one. hmms, tmrw, no school i guess but yes work =___=

manager oh manager. yall are plain stup. and i really hate my general manager. shes like wattahell~ scold ppl fr no reason, moody at me fr no reason. imagine, your innocent, and i got moody at you for no reason -.- pathetic isnt it. yes i know. her attitude simply suck. and i cant imagine how th hella she can get tht position. maybe th one who picked her as a general manager is even like 2x dumb than her.

finally, i have smtg to share abt. haha. alright, tht day i didnt attend work, so i went to doctor, took mc. and supposedly, i can claim my mc fee. so i text misty, th 2nd manager, she said, its all written there at th contract letter. and i was thinking back, did she even issue me th contract letter. bcos she only gave me th typhoid letter. stup. then asked me to go up to gm and ask her abt it. and ystrday i did. omg, she gave me th contract letter. and i was like, "no, tht time misty didnt issue me th contract letter, instead is just th typhoid appointment letter" she went like ~~~~ and, "left 1 copy" in my head, 1 copy, whats tht supposed to mean? u giving me th copy now. wth. i dont understand my workplace system. =___= next, i asked her abt how do i claim my mc fee and she said, "we still need to confirm you, bcos ure not a staff yet and u need to work 6mths to 1year, then we can confirm you" in my head, what does, not a staff supposed to mean. its like, all these while, im what? your store slave? if im not a staff yet. wtfook this gm. i just agreed with her.

and today, i went to ask my friend abt it. she said, it depend on th outlet gm policy. sometimes its different. in my head, woahhh, FY Gm. think what, we stup or what. wth. bcos, in th contract letter, they didnt even indicate we gotta work until 6mths - 1yr to get confirmation so tht i can claim my fee. wtfook. this GM really need a lesson. maybe she wants to play again with me. tht day already i went to drop her face. now still want to do it again.


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