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woooah, its been like days since i last update. its like im getting lazier to update.. but nvermind. im updating my blog also fr th sake of myself. and its open to whoeva who enjoys reading my blog. reason why i update its bcos i kept frgetting whats happening if theres a need fr me to recall what happen i do on this and tht particular day. thts why i update. its fr my own reference. and to those who enjoy reading my blog, thanks.

lets start with yesterday, which is saturday. i didnt have time to update bcos im lazy, and obviously tired.

im always not working on saturday. so i usually spent it with bf. since he didnt work also. th night bfore saturday, its kinda hard to explain, but yeah, daffi had some problems with th gf. he had no choice but to share it with me on th night. together with zen. i miss conferencing! \\// hmms, so we planned to meet on th following day, which is yesterday. daffi came to meet me in th morning. supposed to be at 1030 but bcos im lil late, its delayed. met him under my blk like 15mins ltr. talked with him awhile and around 11, zen came. we walked up to mcd kovan. thought of having breakfast but nvm. took train and dropped ptp instead. again, too fickle to decide, end up we had our lunch at kfc.

after lunch, went off and dropped jannah's blk. daffi went to meet her. surprisingly, everything went fine back again. whooo~ ^__^ next, slacked under her blk while waiting fr daffi's auntie to come. daffi went fr his religious class. so left me & zen. we random took bus, was about to drop amk hub. when in th middle of our way, daffi texted me saying he'll be ending soon. we then dropped went back to th same place and waited fr daffi. hes done, together took bus accompany daffi to put his stuffs at home then took bus, went to wait fr jannah around her area.

everything's done, we all took bus & off to pasir ris. dropped bk, ate awhile and off to park. slacked at th beach and when going night, went to watch tower. had personal moment and went off at 830. yeah, i had to go off early bcos mum had trouble with my siblings. =___= lucky she didnt nag when i came home. and thank you zen fr sending me home.

my name was written by zen. th love, his name and 789, by me.

i wrote this, first shot.

and im loving this! =D, 2nd shot. thanks to zen fr taking all th pictures.


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