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starting of march already im working.. so yeah, my bad for not updating this blog. im too lazy to share about my activities, so just lilbit of catch up. and maybe, i'll try my best to update this blog often like bfore.

anyway, on wednesday, i went to have typhoid jab fr myself.. since im working in F&B. gosh, th feeling being jab, woooh. nice of course nice, but, th few seconds of feeling, kinda like, how to say yeah.. like, at first, th feeling was just 5% pain. after th needle was in, that part, omgomg, i felt like th doctor just inserted a bullet on me. hahas. yeah. went together with zen to th clinic. and he had his typhoid jab too. how funny things turns out, after he had his, he was all fine. but fr me, no. my left sleeve and hand started to feel weak. but after awhile, it was back fine. frgt to include, bfore they went to typhoid, idk why th nurse told us to take urinate test =___= -reminds me of pregnant ppl & i felt like im pregnant. hahaha. no idea fr what ~

wednesday wasnt tht bad after all. even though th night DM was misty.. i've nothing much to share. shall end here, bye!~


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