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alright, i miss blogging so much. its been weeks i didnt take pictures.. reasons for tht, im too busy spend lil time for pictures. hahaha. im planning to slash one of my item in wishlist soon.

now then i rmbr something. last week tuesday, during work time, i accidentally burnt my point phalanges. really hurting. futhermore, its my 2nd time i got burns.. first was my left thigh. accidentally spilled hot maggi soup.. and tht happened like 4yrs back. still have scar though. yeh. really pathetic, i know. but it was hurting me so badly. took me like almost 1mth to get them fully healed. and now, my finger. damn fire! urrghh!

so, just now i have dance practice fr coming performance, Apr intake as well as briefing fr tmrw event in school.

came fr practice at 115pm. met tiara in th studio. and shucks, th studio aircon was spoilt. practice in th midst of sweating. haha. then, went to hall fr briefing at 330. they had th briefing until 5pm. wonder whats going on tmrw.. i had no idea about it. but nvm. it was like an event fr all ITE SC. got my blazer and tie. pfft. felt so weird. they told me about it last min, days back. so no preparation. but anyway, i got th schedule of whats happening fr tmrw. so yeah, somehow i hope i knw whats happening tmrw..

after all done, went to meet zen at clarke quay. had dinner at QiJi Funan. then just, go home. too tired to walk around neither slacking.

and right now, im so tired. many routines i need to practice. if nver, i dead meat. and whats more, these days, always raining. sighs. everyday rain only.. sunny rain sunny rain.


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