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finally, im updating now. well, maybe i shudnt update about my daily life activities. im now having mood to talk about friendship ^__^

You ego is not needed. Seriously.

yeap. those both lines that are in Red and Grey above, came from my bestfriend, myra. well, i've read those post you wrote for me, thanks. its been awhile since i last share abt friendship here..

you wrote this,
&to tishabestie ; even how bad am i ,i can change. Im trying my best to CHANGE. Don't you keep repeating those meaningful words just to make me realise my mistake because i knew you hate me doing all those things which you hated & despised. I knew it long ago. But im trying my best not to do silly things and get myself into trouble! You keep on repeating those word actually hurts me. I've said to you ,i won't repeat the SINS i've made. &that's the last. How many times? &can't you believe me for once. I'll prove you wrong. I won't take guys who are taking advantage of me. I promised you babygirl. I'll try my best if your support are there. You're like my own BIG SISTER ,bestie! I treasure you ; i love you so much! We've been going thru alot in our friendship and we knew we overcome it. &we will go far. I know your atitude. But don't go too far because i may not take it! (: Gettit bestie?!

Everyone make a mistake. Even YOU DO ,bestie! So gimme a chance.
I will change! Insyallah. I will try my best since i've promised you. Like you said ; where's my promise to you ; " BEING A GOOD GIRL " " WANNA GO POLY " . Im sorry. But i will try my best since you know everything going fine with me. You've been supporting me since we knew each other few years ago. I've been treating you nice. &i knew you are treating me nice too! But since i made that stupid idiot sinnest thing in my life ; you've changed.
Where's The Old You?
Who never give up on me! ):

well, heres the reply for you.
i knew long ago that you can change eventhough i knew your bad side. and yes i agree tht you're trying your best to change. are you? right now? since last time you last told me u'll change, and be a "Goodgirl". where's those words you've promised and told me? or are u saying it for the sake of saying and fun? or just wish to make me disappoint? idk. its a choice you've made so far.. since back then i did advice you not to do this and tht. i have my reason fr tht. all bcos, i didnt expect you to stray this far and be someone whom i no longer once knew as my friend. reasons why i kept repeating those words its bcos i want u to rmbr, where are all those words u told me, those promises. cos i aint telling myself tht ure just full of words with no actions. ure hurt bcos u broke those words. another promised now, u said u wont let guys take advantage of you? are u sure? just see how things happened between u and yourself without me. all are ruined. just fr few mths i trusted you to takecare of yourself. and yet, you prove me wrong. so how am i gonna trust u once again to tcare of urself? u barely can do tht isnt it? whats more, i hate to see u hurt and got dumped by ppl around you. its stupid. and im always there to support you. of course i'll guide u to th right path when ure wrong. im not going tht far with you, but, it seems like, you're th one going that much far. more far then what ive expected. im just guiding you my dear. so tht u wont stray th wrong path again.

yeh i know everyone makes mistakes and they deserve a chance to change. but then, my mistakes wasnt tht bad like you. even i knw im no one to judge who u are, im just tryna show u th right way. whats right and wrong. i aint seeing your teenage life been drift away tht far, like This. yeah. and thts why u think ive changed tht much since u did th very sinnest thing. if ure saying ive change, then i can say, its You're th one tht've changed. im still th old me. just tht u didnt see it. bcos like ive said, you've changed. by just reading what i've said makes u think ive change? ure wrong myra. yeah i always try my best to save u ok? and still, im not giving up on you. im here to guide u. if i dnt guide u, who would? i knw everyone can, but, can they bring u to th life u wish to have?

another chapter, you said,
You did everything for me?! With those harsh words?! Gee ,you
say you did all that to help me?! Think again before you talk. You know i love you ,bestie. Mood seriously down. I've not cheering myself up this few days. What a pain in the ass. If i know ,i shouldn't tell her all my miseries and tell her what happened to me!

what i can say, yes i am doing everything fr you. without those harsh words, do u think u would change fr th best? if i just go like, "oh, chill, everyone makes mistakes, im sure u can change." do u think thts th best line fr me just to make u change? No. yes, no. i dnt wish to see u being disgrace and fooled once again. i knew u had enough of this troubles. cmon, if u didnt tell me all your miseries and those things happening to you, how would i know what happened to you? if i dnt care, why would i still bother to knw whats happening to you? why would i care to give u th best advice? why would i be listening to all your stories all these years? why would i be guiding you whats right and whats wrong? all bcos i care for you. i can be th best tht u wish for, but, i dnt wish to see u falling down on th other side. thts th reason why im still here, for you. to make u change and hoping u would change fr th best. and keep words uve told me. yeah ive thought so many times bfore saying somethings to you. Many times. u dnt know how disappointed i am when u told me everything. i am very disappointed. to knw tht thres no one guiding u all these while when im not around you. sad to see ure being fooled instead of cherish.

as your bestfriend, im hoping th best of th best thing in your life. do u think i love seeing u having so much tragedies? no i dont ok. i just dont wish to see you disappointed with yourself. your just 16. be a grown up lady. im sure u can. yeah everyone makes mistakes. but Please, will u not try to repeat it again? uve promised me tht. and i believed in you tht u can change and be th better person fr urself. if i dnt drill those harsh words to you, who would? u haveta learn howta take things in a hard way. bcos, i want u to knw, as times pass, things changed, and u may not be able to take things in a hard way, and thts why i want u to learn. my reason for this, i want u to be a strong girl. so tht others find it hard to fool you in any possible ways.

My dear bestfriend, im tearing up now, for you. i just cant believed how much uve gone this far. still, im your bestfriend, and i really wish you would change fr th better, not for me, but for Yourself.

theres song playing for you currently. listen to it. its specially dedicated for you, my dear bestfriend, Myra.


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