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earlier in th morning i had staff meeting. pfft. how abashing to know tht th area manager is not present at all. whats more, when rgm said tht she tried so many times calling, but no respond. in my head, obviously th person is still snoring at home =___= common sense.

i thought i was late fr meeting. bcos i came together with zen. but not. we reached there and still theres colleagues like slacking off. pfft. so much of meeting at 9am. _|_ wasting my time waking up in th early morning just to come. well, but thanks to th 3rd manager, Ramesh. he made us to play musical chair outside th restaurant. haha. funny. oh yeah, i had hot chocolate and food were given. meeting ended at 11am. went home after meeting. and going to come back again fr work at 5pm =___= best time to sleep and yet im coming fr work. pfft.

but anyway, i finally done with house chores and ironing clothes fr my younger brothers since tmrw school gonna reopen. sad. one week hols? hahaha. mine, Th-ree weeks! wooo! hehe. =D \\// alright, i had few hours of nap just now. kinda lil awake now. i've nothing to share. oh yeah, not forgetting, yana, i received tag frm psb on my tagboard. read it. dont make me kept repeating this, "Credit Credit Credit and [C]redit!"


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