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i skipped school today. because i find it waste of time coming when its going to be like, 11-1 practical, no SW, 4-6 lifeskill. imagine, if i come school, after 1pm, what im gonna do.. crap and slacking?? haha. nah. but i'll come school tmrw. hehe.

went to meet zen and then dropped paya lebar. bumped into haqim when th bus stopped at my school.. surprisingly, he came to school. haha. and then, walked up to geylang market to buy smtg, mum asked =___= thanks fr accompanying me zen. =D after buying th stuffs, went to buy drinks and sat fr awhile. omg, i just knew zen just tasted my fav drink, "Corn Drink" yeah. and he went like, "eh, not bad uh, th taste just awesome, its like instead of u eating th corn just like tht, now u can even drink it" thts when my face will be duh~ so after that, went home sent th things and out again.

took bus to hougang int and took 51. thought of watching alice, but nvermind. along th way, saw haw par villa. we randomly dropped there and tour tht place. alright, tht place is kinda interesting. but its open until 7pm. not many ppl were there actually.. its my first time going there. and that goes th same fr him. woo! ^___^ took many pictures. i felt lucky to have photographer bf who have skills in photography. just love th way he took pictures. awesome to me.. so theres this one interesting place thre called, "10 courts of Hell". haha. just to go thre also need pay ~__~. this haw par villa is big. needa go there again somedays and explore..

around close to 6pm+, we went off and took bus to jurong int. walked all th way to imm, had our dinner at Bagus. i had chicken rice! hahaha. nothing to get excited about. after dinner, thought of going woodland there. but lazy. so drop it, took bus back direct all th way home.

thanks fr sending me! and im back working tmrw. really minus dot minus.

first picture of th day. i love it! thanks to bf. =D

credits to zen \\//

i looooike this picsa! ^__^

random. was too excited after getting th tix -.-

that 10 courts of hell.

i didnt know he took this. haha. was posing fr fun and *snap*

squirrel! thanks to zen fr taking th picture.

this too.

chicken rice for dinner. hahaha.


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