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after waiting for so many weeks for my result, finally its out! woohooo!
thanks to wan for reminding me. if he didnt texted me, i wouldnt have rmbr abt the result! hehe.

and im happy about the result. well, same gpa i got as my last final year semester. should really catch up with many things this time. i dont wanna flunk my Final Year grade. the importance of it is high. so i should study hard and get good grades, so that i can go to a better school. otherwise, no option, i would really need to take up Higher Nitec.

alright, shall end here. its late now and i gotta get some sleep. sorry for not updating for long period of time. for those who have been wondering what has happened to my blog, its not dead yet or im not blogging. its just that, im too busy to update my blog.

to those who tagged my blog, thank you. will reply to yall soon. and to compliment gave by pb, thanks! :D

Cheers! enjoy your holiday. my holiday gonna end so soon..


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