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had a great time today with bestie, myra. went escape with Only her. :D \\//

met her at 12pm and waiting for her for 30mins was =_____________= yeah. because, she told me to meet her at 11am. and i thought she was late since i reached at 1130, end up, its her! haha! clever. with morning call, and told me to wake up. awesome! ahahaha!

we took bus to escape. the weather was scotching hot! and it feels like, i'd rather go WWW than escape. hahaha! reached escape, we first went to the haunted house. surprising to see sod working as the crew there, a good friend of zen. ok, it was freaky because i was infront and myra was right behind me. another kid from no where, age around 9 or 10, decided to go alone but we went together with him since his mom left him alone to go. alright, the scene inside was awesome but the part of finding the exit was terrible. i was infront and i had to lead them to the exit, lucky im not lost! cos i was panic the moment i turned back and saw mask floating right behind myra. end of the maze, just noticed it was sod! damn you! made me freak!

second we went to play the roller coster. scream like nobody's business. we sat at the most back. it was fun anyway even though the rides seems pretty short. next we took the king boat. same, we sat at the back. ok, the view was awesome and i like! next we went to play the go kart! woohooo! didnt know myra would over take me. hmpf! but exciting game! moving on, we planned to take the wet 'n' wild ride but then, since we're afraid that we might get really wet after the slides, splashing of water, and the seats, we decided to buy a poncho. haha! make fun out of it, took pictures and all. the slides of 15meters was splendid! cos at the end of the slide, u can feel the adrenaline rush. after the rides, we took another ride of king boat. next we thought of playing the big floating air ball, but then, since the queue was full of kids, so nvm.

after escape, we had our lunch at mcd. thanks for the treat bestie! had conversations and talks with her. supposed to meet zen at 3pm but dragged it till 4pm. thanks to myra all because after lunch, she decided to buy a new clothing for herself since she was meeting her friends or so called my schoolmates. rushing here and there, killing time and end up she bought nothing. good. she sent me off at the bus stop and im off to meet zen. sent him to work and wala, im off home. like finally. enjoyed my June holiday. ppl spend holiday time in first or two weeks of holiday. for me, spent it when holiday almost end. clever.

shall end here. and thanks for reading for those who bothers to read this. thank you. sorry for not updating because im really getting busy with managing my blogshop. futhermore, my school going to reopen soon. coming monday school already. and to those who have start schooling, happy schooling and study hard for EOY exam.


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