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today was my saddest day ever. but happy at the same time.

in the morning, dad went to fetch aunt and brought her to GH mortuary since my late aunt has to go for post-mortem.. cos doc cant find the cause of the death. poor thing. after hes done, he came home and fetched my family and drove to fetch his mum and my his sis. then we all went to GH again to fetch my aunt and my cousins.. we then went to my late aunt hse. we also there in time, by 12pm. cos it is said tht th corpse will be arriving around tht time..

reached there, and met many relatives frm mum side. some idk and some decades nver meet. while waiting, had some acquaints with those relatives and cousins. wonderful. but all was feeling so sad over what happened to my late aunt. around 130pm or 230pm, cnt rmbr. they brought the corpse in. they had to shower and clean the corpse and wrap them. i wasnt in to shower my late aunt. my cousin did. and everything was done at almost 330pm. how sad to see my late aunt passed away leaving her only son, as young as 10yrs old and husband. at that point of time, the son doesnt know of whats happening, cos my aunt kept telling him th mum still Alive. Sighs. until they brought my late aunt to the hall, and showed the face, thts when he knew he was right and kept asking how come th mum passed away. he did ask for forgiveness on tht moment and of course, everyone cried. but good thing he didnt slam any actions/emotion there.. stay strong cousin. me and my siblings will always be here for you when u feel like having fun alright. after that moment, we had a chance to put some powder around th head. and i did gave my last kiss. my first try was suck cos aft i put the powder, i was crying like no end seeing her face which im supposed to kiss her. 2nd try was rather better one. gave a proper kiss on her forehead. may Allah be with you and hope you'll always be fine there.

after its done, all went out and off to take bus to lim chu kang muslim cemetery. over there where i witness the burial. it was a saddest thing tht had happened to me. seeing someone whom was once close to me and family, who joke with me & family, had gone so fast. may u RIP beloved late aunt. all gave their last prayer for her and recitations.

around evening, we went off back to late aunt hse to have ceremony. the ceremony ends at 7+. we all went off from there at 8pm.. first dad sent my aunt home and my family. im done and now, about my late aunt, really hope she'll be fine there. i'll always be praying for her.

goodbye beloved late aunt, may u RIP there. thanks for everything that you have done for me and my family. the greatest gift u have given us was just Memories being with/of you.


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