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just came back from visiting my aunt at NUH emergency ward just now. im feeling really down. because it was my first time hearing this kinda thing happening to my family, futhermore, my closest aunt to me.

so first, after hearing the news, dad went to take urgent leave and went to rent van. so around 340, we went off and head down to NUH. reached there at 530 i guess. we all went into the ward, i did gave my last kiss twice and some recitation of prayer for her. all cried badly. i really didnt expect she would go.. but no choice, god willing. cnt do shit about it. just gotta give some prayer for her now. may her soul RIP in that other world. this was really unexpected. she was the closest aunt, and the \m/ aunt ive ever had! and yeah, now shes gone. i gotta accept that fact.

aft visiting her, my family went to had dinner at west coast and off home. reached home at 930pm.


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