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Its 7:37am now and im still not asleep yet. Thanks to those who have accompanied me throughout my night =D

well i was busy with many things these holiday, especially managing my blogshop. visit my blogshop cos ive already add many things inside. look out for updates and support my blogshop :D

besides that, i also didnt go out anywhere that often after the loss of my aunt. i seldom laugh like i did bfore, not only me, but my family too. maybe it takes time for my family to overcome this matter. oh yes, im also happy about the West Side Musical Story audition that i had attended. i managed to get a call back! woohooo! there are 3 auditions. i only attended the singing audi for the day. supposedly i have to attend dance audi but i didnt since i gtg. so the next day, i attended the acting audi. they said they'll inform us for a call back. well, surprisingly i got a call back and im happy for that. ^___^ gotta come to ite simei again on coming Tues, 22. have to be there at 9.30am. hope im not late again like that day. waiting for bus 2 its like killing my time for 1 hr.

ok, its morning now. and i gotta get some sleep. haven been sleeping since yesterday. anyway, im excited now because soon im going to enrol in taking car license. woohoooo!! alright, takecare friends and reader have a good holiday and a nice day (:


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