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Hey everyone! how yall doing? good? cos im good ^__^ and yes, im finally back updating my blog. and im superb happy man! yeah! u know why? alright, i have lotsa things to share. one by one. hehe.

first, on thursday, went to parkway & geylang to shop with family together with zen. yeah. and i bought myself engraved name! woohooo! i like! & i love dendeng! wbu? do you? once eat, i think, if i order 1kg of dendeng also wont be enough. hahaha!

on today, so hyper because like finally yeah all the lenses for preorder 3 arrives. and whoeva reading this blog and u did bought lenses from me, you can feel free to contact me. i got excited to see the authentication stickers & tons of lenses..
i was so excited i guess. hahaha!

and after took lenses, went to break fast @ bedok and off to parkway to take 2 nintendo ds that was bought yesterday. omg, 2 nintendo.. i would rather use that money to buy another lappy, seriously. hah.

o.O it was his birthday! 21st Aug.

and mind this picture. i look terrible but who cares. XD

alright, im going to sort out those lenses now. give me 1-3 days to sort out the lenses & i will contact all customers respectively when the lenses are ready to be collected. ok, plus tmrw my room gonna be in rosypink! wooohoooo!!

& i love this song below, just the intro, from start till 0:37. the rest not nice. hahahaha. but starting, i really love it! \m/


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