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wooots! i have smtg to share about how i spent my saturday. total awesome! hahahah.

supposed to take some game stuff from parkway parade, so since im going parkway, i also decided to pass lenses to customers on saturday since it has been delayed due to the large amount of orders i had. went out with my younger brother, taqin. guess he had a great day touring around east and central locations. ahha!

see the picture above? hes so happy! hahaha.

alright, first went to pass lens around my blk area, then we waited for bus to head to bedok.. while waiting, snap snap! =D like the pictures down below. hees.

myself & taqin (:

after we dropped bedok, we then took train down to cityhall. collect payment from customer. next, took train again to pasir ris, met jannah to pass her lens & her friend's lens also. and right after pasir ris, finally, back to bedok again, took bus off to marine parade.

by the time its already almost close to 530pm. brought taqin to mcd for him to eat and around 6pm, off home. and i reached home at 640pm.

what a tiring day seriously. i guess, i no longer do collection @ east/central. its so troublesome. guess i'll just do mass meet-up once the lens has arrive. by that way i find it more easier. alright, tmrw im going to have new colour of wall in my room. woohoooo! ^___^ oh yeah, one more thing, im gonna enroll myself in driving. yes, car! :D woohooo!!! dad hoping by hari raya haji i got my license. easier ^___^

lastly, Happy Birthday to zen! :D his 20 already. hahahaha! old!


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