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hi all, its been like almost a week since i didnt update my blog. i've no idea what to update. but then, i feel like updating. i have so much things to say but i wish to not share it here for certain things only. its august already! so fast right?

lately, im not feeling well, having sinus like almost every hour and daily. on thursday, mum was sick, aunt & grandma dropped my house. and how power, in a day, i took almost like 5-6x of cab to and fro. poof almost 100 gone. grandma left my house together with my aunt in the evening. sent grandma to take cab and off to take another cab with aunt to amk mrt. eh, didnt know jalan-jalan with iskandar and his mum was awesome. thanks for everything(: someday drop my house again. i've never tried pie from pie-kia before, thanks to iskandar for the offer. and i like the black-pepper, it was nice man! i like it!

anyway, i dnt really feel like posting a proper post for certain reasons. but its alright. maybe besties are right, i should IGNORE. its the best way i can think of. seriously, i don't favour you anymore. you suck! you liar! you aint the person that i knew before back then. honestly, ure better off to the graveyard. i swear, im not gonna be your only one again. erase the memories of us, i dont care. cos i totally hate you damn !@#$% urgghh!

to be honest, i wish i could take the head and bang it to the wall. you dont ought to be with me in my life.


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