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wanna know why? because, this nonsense hacking matter has made me missed my school for one day. yeah i know its no big deal but still, lesson missed. damn you asshole! seriously, i know you are reading this blog even though idk who the hell you are.

how i know you are reading this, proof is, Someone practically said to me that Annie's facebook account has been deleted. why? too afraid that you will get caught? no worries, all will be fine Mr Noob Hacker. i may not know who you are but one thing, never regret for hacking into my account. idiot like you should be treated like noob people. seriously, i dare to meet you!

for no matter what u have told ziela about modeling stuffs on that day, all i can say, ure noob noob noob! fucking idiot! waste my time! bloody hell. yes of course i got time to trace who you are but for what purpose i want to do that when there's police. you can go and hack as many account as you want but only ONE thing you can never hack is MINE! yeah, the first time you may get through, but not for the 2nd time noob.

grrrrrr!! i would punch your face and drag it to the wall if i know you who are. no mercy!

anyway, see you tmrw ezum, we shall complete our project asap.


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