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i love my picture above! woohoo! it was a random shot actually. ♥

hi readers! i know some had been waiting for this hot update. yeah, about my Facebook and Hotmail accounts that had been hacked lately. Thank to ziela for letting me know. it all goes like this, you gotta read this entire post until end then you'll understand the full story. no skip yeah? =D

early morning i got texted from ziela asking about when to meet to make the payment. and so, everything confirm, and suddenly, she texted again..

Ziela: Babe , I da masok the modeling Tu. boleh g shoot same2 :)

the moment i read that text message, i was like, huh. cos the day before, when i was about to login to my hotmail account, i couldnt manage to login but then, after i had retrieve my password, its all fine. in my head, cnt be someone using my password on my accounts. and i was right! after all the text messages, it also involves annie, Annie Izzwanie. if yall know who is she. yeah. read this, it was sent by ziela through msn, i told her to try to see if she can still able to see the chat history.

watpe tu?
browsing2 gmbr2 lama. u ?
aru alek dari my first photoshoot..
okay2. hehe kat mane?
city hall..
i dunnoe becoming a model was so much fun
hahaha how much u have to pay?
its free...
n we will get sposors n we will get pais oso
woahh best !
my fren yg tolong
my fren is at ur fren lists oso
annie izzwanie
u noe her?
yes2. i know her. she penah promote me to modeling, I wanted but then have to take a pic w/o clothes i terus change mind
tats wat i did...
nolah u dunt get her wrong she is just checking only
she's my fren she wont do anitink stupid
look at me now? im a model with loads of sponsor n money
join uh babe
so we cn shoot same2!!
its still open she is is still looking for model
when is the next shoot
next month
join uh join
at least i gt fren
i ask her again
is she online now?
i call her to go online ok

let's mock about how the typing is like.
1st, i dont go like "Heeyloo".
2nd, i dont chat in malay.
3rd, "fren" wth? simple english, its FRIEND!
4th, what u mean by "nolah u dunt" its nope, you dont. Noob!
5th, "cn"?? whats that supposed to mean? its CAN!
6th, "anitink" wtf. you really got english prob. its ANYTHING.
7th, "oso". fuck you. ALSO is not so hard to spell.
8th, "tats"?? hahaha. THATS YOU noob!
9th, "sposors" when its supposed to be SPONSOR.
last, "loads"?? ure carrying what? trucks with loads? when its supposed to be LOTS.

above everything i typed, all is about spelling error. what can i say about low standard hacker. one word, Noob.

See! wth! what's this person trying to do! grr!! idiot. but surprisingly, this hacker is stupid enough. he really didnt fully hack my entire hotmail & facebook. i managed to retrieve both password back again. to the hacker who idk whether he'll read this not, you are NOOB! ahhaha. there's another convo between ziela and annie but i wont post it up here due to some sensitive reply from both of them.

alright, some even told me to trace who but then, i think back its not relevant, what's police in singapore for if we didnt use them. haha! yeah, and so, ziela and me actually went to lodge report about it. and tmrw im off to the headquater since the officer need to take some statement from me. seriously, you fucking hacker noob! what are you trying to do?! some may think i might give my password to anyone, but fyi, i did not, i've been using it for YEARS!

enough of this hacking, its total nonsense.

next about my hp. yall know about my hp that i accidentally dropped it in the basin. hahahah! funny yeah i know. its not working, i mean as in the network are not working, but just now afternoon, when my dad tried to put his simcard in, it WORKS man! wth! it didnt work when i tried to put my simcard it. damn it! haha. now i gotta think of what hp to get. any recommendation??

alright, im off now. takecare & to the hacker, im lazy to trace who are you, the police can do a better job than me. \\//out.


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