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sleep ezum sleep! XD Lol!

hi. this is me, tisha. how are you?

both pictures above was taken on Tuesday. in school. when class got bored and ezum fell asleep. i was busy taking pictures. see the top pictures!! hahahahaha!

anyway, i have some vid here. i viewed youtube and saw related vid on this and it happened to catches my eyes! haha. imagine if singapore have this kinda vending machine. confirm cool. people dnt have to waste their time going out..

how funny can this be.. hahahaahah!

sorry for not updating. as u know, my school as started and my days are getting more hectic. anyway, about this blogskin, i wish to change it but i have no time. thought of just getting it done with my old blogskin..

peace. im off now and happy 10th monthsary to Dafina!! :D wooohoooo! i'll be out meeting my close ones soon. yay!!


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