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hi everyone! how are you doing? im fine here.

anyway, life has been good for me so far and i love my new bestfriend! woohoo!! \m/ you rock babe! i love you! meet soon yeah? hees. can't wait to share and hear things from each other. and don't forget to buy for me smtg when ure there. ^__^ for those who wish to know my new bestfriend, keep reading my blog yeah. cos i might be posting pictures when i meet her soon. yeah! shes my kinda girl! =D

yesterday, zen brought his guitar over to my house. like finally, i started to learn playing and strumming the guitar strings! ahhaha. well, i wish i could play some songs with the guitar and post it at fb or anywhere.

now, im like having sinus. sneezing since yesterday. and my throat hurts since i ate the BK ice-cream! =\ now throat fine, but i kept sneezing. omgosh! ltr going school some more. =___=

also, yesterday my group discussed about project. yeah even though its a difficult to execute the proj, but everyone's trying to make it work. LAN chat. hmms. need winsock, which idk wth was that. new to it. its like my first time doing project which is not compatible with our skill. enough of school. moving on, i have nothing else to share. just hope that my flu will get better yeah.



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