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Ok, see that picture? yes, imma share something about my customer. this gonna be my first time sharing about whats happening between me and customer. hahaaha!

yall know that i recently had opened a blogshop right? yeah. selling many stuffs. and the most hotstuff among all items are the Geo Lens, contact lenses that come from Korea. and of course its authentic.

right, now the preorders had come to the 3rd preorder currently.

coming from the 2nd preorder record, i was really pissed off with this particular customer. omg! alright, supposedly, the dateline of the 2nd preorder was on the July, 1. but, at the last minute, this customer came along and prompt me about ordering lenses. i was alright and fine about it as i thought she would make those payment and send in her orders before dateline. too bad, tht wasnt as easy as i thought. she dragged and dragged and more with annoying questions like seeking for tons of discounts which its like, cmon, i gave her quotation which was damn beyond my retail price already. and yet she was unthankful about it and kept pestering me to give lower. _|_. so i made a deal with her if she wants a good price and she agreed. yet again, she delayed the payment date and requested for More Discounts! idiot. good enough i gave her price which was way way much lower than other customers. futhermore, shes a new customer. how am i supposed to trust her about what she ordered and make her payment before dateline. yet, she delayed the payment and shifted it to tmrw. which im supposed to submit the payment by today but yet. urghhh! feels like banging her head on the wall. really make my job harder man.

now idk if she would be paying me or Not. because, i've add her orders to my list. i know yall might be saying why should i be adding her orders if she insist or unsure when to pay. to me, i take it easy first. i see it as a positive rather than a negative situation. put it this way, if those lenses that she ordered were unpaid, i can resell them anyway, isnt it? so, meaning to say, it aint a loss for me. its kinda a win win situation ;D

imma wait the pending payment from her. she said shes gonna be transferring the payment by 10am. so yeah, any outcome for this situation, i'll update. futhermore i also have nothing to update. other than monday school reopen. and i need to buck up my studies alot.


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