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hi readers, how is your day? my day has been good. everything was fine, except for the afternoon part. today, i just went in class and mom called, she requested me to go home immediately since shes going to hospital. so went to rush home.

everything was fine until evening, my aunt came my hse. she was at my hse until close to 11pm. ok, im done with my post and i know this post is boring all because idk what to write. nothing interesting today that's why got a boring post up here.

anyway, pictures again for yall. like my post? click the like button. and feel free to flood my formspring inbox if you are bored. and i'll be happy to answer your qns.

im off now, takecare and have a nice day ahead. smile always! :D

see this? i miss drinking starbucks coffee!

ppl say cats are always adorable, but im afraid of cat, not kidding. haha! funny.

Celebrating the Rain by Shudipto.
each time i see rain, i love the smell of it! nice.

beautyaddict:  ifavthis:  sophiebay:  howitallshouldbe:  iamtough:   Music makes me high.
and simply, music completes my day.


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