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hello. anyway, my desktop are not working. damn! and its all because of the power supply in the CPU. urrghhh! *bang guitar*

gonna get it fix soon.

and woohoooo! i just love how my blogshop traffic. it has increase rapidly! happy man! yall should try take a look. the link are just at the side of my blog. and tmrw will be another day of school. projects has to be completed as soon as possible. i've nothing to add-on. oh yes, to whoeva who wish to do a favour like, editing blog things, picture editing. im not going to do it. im busy. no more time for editing. as yall can see, my blogskin also not changing. i think it has been for almost half a year already. bad right?? usually i would have change my blogskin. even my pictures, all not edited. just see my current display picture on facebook. no editing done except for the text add-on. sighs.

its morning now. for those who reading this post, thank you. and anyone, feel free to ask anything you want at my formspring. flood it. hahaha!

im off now, takecare! have a nice day! :D \\//


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